Agreement Service A La Personne

Read also about human services: It is therefore necessary to know how to obtain the precious sesame in order to be able to carry out a service activity for the person. How do I get permission? We`ll explain. In the area of human services, the company sometimes has to have a state-issued licence in order to carry out its activity. This obligation applies to institutions providing services to “vulnerable” public: children under the age of 3, the elderly or the disabled. As part of the personalized service, there are two types of accreditations: the company or association certified with an independent body (NF certification, quality certification or Qualisap certification) obtains an automatic renewal of its accreditation at the expiry of the certification. Order of 22 December 2015 relating to the prices of assistance and home support access to online service ( To carry out a human services activity (SAP) with vulnerable public (children, elderly and disabled), an organization must obtain either prefectural approval or authorization from the county council. To benefit from the tax and social benefits of the sector (reduced VAT and exemption from payroll taxes), it is necessary to supplement the approval or authorisation by a declaration registered with management. It is therefore important to check how the service to people intervenes before making your choice. Circular of 11 April 2019 relating to the declaration and accreditation of personal service institutions (PDF – 522.8 KB) Assistance in the daily assistance to the daily life and integration of the elderly or disabled, with the exception of medical interventions (nursing or medical assistants only) in proxy mode The DGE (General Directorate of Companies) makes available to all a directory of professional services. If you are present in this directory, you may be more visible to your potential customers who can easily know what services you offer. Accreditation is not only compulsory for the exercise of the activity, it allows the company (or the association) to charge its services at the reduced VAT rate of 5.5%.

Order of 26 December 2011 setting out the specifications provided for the accreditation of services to the person Organization to the person: accreditation and authorisation of the departmental authorization: It is mandatory to practice in service for elderly people, or chronic diseases. Activate “service providers” here because you work directly for individuals.