Aircraft Charter Broker Agreement

1. By using the services provided by Fly Louie as an agent for the client, the client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions below. The customer acknowledges and accepts: that the sale of air transport, including aircraft charter operations and air brokerage operations, is governed by certain national, international, governmental and local laws and regulations, and that these laws, regulations and best practices may change from time to time in the sector, and therefore Fly Louie has the right to amend the agreement at any time by letter of notification to the customer, and such changes to this agreement are immediately applicable if FlyLou informs the customer. By implementing this agreement, the Client undertakes to regularly review this agreement and to be aware of such changes to this Agreement. As a result, the customer`s continued use of Fly Louie services is considered the Customer`s final acceptance of changes to this Agreement. Unless express or non-expressly applicable to scheduled air services, this contract applies to Fly Louie`s agreement on Fly Louie`s regular and charter service on behalf of the customer. The customer instructs Charter Jet Airlines to act as a broker in order to solicit offers and arrange the charter services described on the charter itinerary (to which these terms and conditions of sale are annexes) on behalf of the customer of certified third-party airlines operating in accordance with Part 135 or 121 or the foreign equivalent; and the client agrees to contribute all funds due for the design and delivery of these services. 2.01 AIRCRAFT CHARTERS. CARRIER undertakes to provide CHARTERER and CHARTERER undertakes to charter carrier the full capacity of each flight specified in this agreement, subject to the terms of this agreement and applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and all other U.S.

and non-U.S. authorities. Government authorities. Each party is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. The intermediary encourages the airline (as defined below) to make the aircraft available to the charterer in accordance with the schedule below, and the charterer flies from the intermediary on charter to the terms set out in the following list and in the terms and conditions attached to this agreement and participate. In the event of such an incident, Charter Jet Airlines will make reasonable economic efforts to make available other aircraft to satisfy the customer`s scheduled flight. Charter Jet Airlines is not responsible for or responsible for transporting passengers who do not report to the base fixed operator (FBO) at the departure airport or who are not on board at the time of departure, without charter Jet Airlines` fault. If one or more members of a group do not report or board, the airline may take off as planned and carriers and/or Charter Jet Airlines are in no way responsible for the customer or person or that person and Charter Jet Airlines is considered to be fulfilling their contractual obligation to the customer. Charter Jet Airlines 4.05 NONACCEPTANCE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Under no circumstances does the carrier accept transport in hold baggage or carried by hand or as cargo, nor can a passenger carry the aircraft into the boat, an object constituting or containing a hazardous material.