Westpac Home Loan Agreement

You can find the costs of your Westpac home loan here. Interest rates and fees are up to date as of December 20, 2020 and can be changed without notice. Other service charges may be incurred from time to time. We advise you to bring the loan documents to your lawyer or carrier to make them explained to you and to make sure that you fully understand them. Once you are happy, you must sign them and return them to your home expert. Home Loans – Interest (All interest rates may be changed without notice) Home Loan OptionRatefloating:Choices Floating 4.59% p.a.1 Choices Everyday Floating 4.69% p.a. Choices Offset Floating 4.59% p.a.1 1Salary credit to a Westpac transaction account requiredFixed:Choices Fixed 4.15% per annum for 6 months 2.49% per year -Special rate for 1 year – Special price – 3.09% p.a. 1 year 3.25% per annum for 18 months 2.69% per year – Special rate for 2 years – Special rate – 3.29% per year. Special rate for 3 years – special rate – 3.39% per annum for 3 years 2.99% per an- Special rate over 4 years – Special rate – 3.59% per year a. for 4 years 2.99% per year -Special interest rate for 5 years – Special price – 3.59% per annum for 5-year Home Loan Basic, Choices Offset and Choices Everyday)The following basic interest rates are indicated for disclosure purposes. You will find more information on base rates and see what the interest rate applies to your loan under the terms of your loan. Residential basic interest rate 4.59% per year Transactional Base Rate 4.69% per an Housing Base Rate 4.59% per annum Home Loan Base Rate` for Choices Fixed The Choices Fixed base rate is the same as the fixed interest rate shown above for the applicable life of your loan, as shown in your credit summary. At any time, if your loan is not on the annual fixed interest rate, the annual floating rate will apply.

The formula for calculating the slippery annual rate is as follows: (the base rate x the modifier (if it exists) plus the margin (if any). #Westpac NZ can change the base interest rate, replace it with a new base interest rate or change the modifier (if any) or margin from time to time. Please note: If you apply for a low-capital mortgage (i.e., their deposit is less than 20%, Westpac can calculate an additional interest margin of between 0.25% and 1.5% per annum. The profit actually calculated depends on your equity. For existing home loan customers, you`ll find your current interest rate in your home loan summary, in their online bank account or at Westpac for more information. Do you want to book it? With Westpac, you can book your fixed interest rate for up to 60 days if you apply for your credit (once you have sorted your withdrawal date). It does not cost any additional fees to take, and this means that any change in the interest rate during this period will not affect them. Westpac also offers conditional permits so you have a good idea of what you can afford to spend. A fee may apply for the interruption or modification of a tariff suspension.